Vendor Spotlight: Flour Power

Vendor Spotlight: Flour Power

Hayley, of Flour Power, answered our questions this week about her business! Flour Power is one of our amazing local vendors and part of The Mom Club.

AKPV: How long have you been in business?

Hayley: For about a year now.

AKPV: What specific products do you specialize in for moms/ kids?

Hayley: I specialize in treats for gifts or parties.

AKPV: What was your inspiration for starting your business?

Hayley: I bought a rabbit when i was working in the summer and when i went back to school. i needed something to support her so i realized i love baking and decorating things. i also got into chocolate which is the main part now.

AKPV: Tell us a little bit about you!

Hayley: I am 19 years old just graduate from Fanshawe from the ECE program and I am now working full time at a daycare head of the classroom. I come home and do Flour Power after work. I love animals. I have a dog and a rabbit who make my life complete

AKPV: Let us know if there is anything else specific you would like to include?

Hayley: I love seeing people's reactions when they see my edible art. It makes so me happy that people love and appreciate what I do to make their dreams come true. My main part is chocolate and I do work with milk, dark, white and also dairy and peanut free.

Find Flour Power on the Facebook page!

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