7 Things We LOVE About Newborn Sessions

7 Things We LOVE About Newborn Sessions

Tis the season of love and we want to share with you what we LOVE about our newborn sessions! These sessions are amazing for an endless amount of reasons, but we've tried to narrow it down to our top 7 reasons!

1) Cuddles.

If you think the best part of our job is the newborn baby snuggles, you would be absolutely right. When a good chunk of your job is to cuddle a brand new baby, there really isn't too much to complain about. We love getting to spend time with these little ones, making sure they are comfortable on the sets and in the positions that we put them in, and getting them nice and sleepy for the session.

2) Sibling Love.

We LOVE seeing sibling interact with their new baby brother or sister. They are always so sweet with them and so excited to tell us all about the newest addition to the family and the photos always turn out so cute!

3) Outfits.

It's possible that we may be slightly obsessed with getting new props and outfits for newborn sessions but can you blame us?! It's all too cute! And what's even more fun is when families bring in something special made by a friend or family member that we get to capture during the session. 

4) Eyes.

While normally we prefer when baby is fast asleep so we can get the poses we are going for, we never complain about capturing those beautiful open eyes. The images are just as perfect if baby is awake. I mean, what's not to love about this?

5) Facial Expressions.

From adorably squishy faces, to sweet smiles and the cutest scowls, we adore the variety of facial expressions we'll see in a session. This is probably a given, but baby cheeks are like, the cutest thing in the world. And when you get those smiles or yawns in a photo, you just know that's the one that you're going to show EVERYONE. 

6) Family Photos.

We love love love when we get to capture family shots during a session. Those memories of interacting with the newest member of your family are priceless! After all, that's what these sessions are all about: the love within a family. 

7) Final Images.

How can we not love this part?! We get to go through the all the photos again while we edit and look back at the adorable moments, the funny faces and the pure joy from the session. We have been loving getting creative with our composite images as well! Getting to deliver these memories to our clients is by far the greatest part of this job...well, maybe second greatest after baby snuggles. 

Oh, and have you heard about The Mom Club?! 


We are now booking newborn session under 14 days old. Visit our contact page to book your session today! You can find some behind the scenes content of our newborns sessions on the blog, check out the latest one here. For more find us on Facebook and Instagram!


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