Cake Smash ~ Behind the Scenes Set Up

Cake Smash ~ Behind the Scenes Set Up

It all comes down to the details, and coming up with sets for sessions is such a fun part of our job! When you book a session, like a cake smash session, you have free reign to tell us all of your ideas for a set, and we get to see what we can do!

For Hazel's cake smash session, the look was blue and pink mason jars with lots and lots of flowers.

Once we found all the props we would need, we set up the studio the day before the session. Almost 100% of the time, sets start with a pile of stuff on the floor, that we slowly weed through and put together.

With an all white wood backdrop and lots of green tape, adding the jars, flowers, and a few other elements brought this set together!

All in all, we think this set turned out perfectly! The final touch was a few hanging mason jars! Hanging things always poses a challenge, especially with mason jars as they never seem to want to sit the way you think. With some added blankets and rugs for texture and colour, it was ready to go!

Hazel did amazing at her session, and the floral theme worked flawlessly.


We have milestone packages available that range from maternity to 1st year and we want to hear your set ideas for your session! For more information contact us through our website. For behind the scenes, sneak peeks and more on upcoming events, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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