Vendor Spotlight: Magpie Bath

Vendor Spotlight: Magpie Bath

We are honoured to start to share some Vendor Spotlights from our Mom Club vendors!!

These local vendors offer samples in our new mom bags that we give to mom's when they come in for their newborn sessions. We love to be able to gift new moms with new products from local vendors that help out both mom and baby!

We spoke to Magpie Bath about their awesome company, take a look!

AKPV: How long have you been in business? 

Magpie Bag: I have been in business for 2 years and have 2 kids.

AKPV: What specific products do you specialize in for moms/kids?

MPB: Mini bath bombs as they are a hit for both mom and kids making bath time a breeze.

AKPV: What was your inspiration for Magpie Bath?

MPB: My inspiration behind Magpie Bath was charmed candles, but I am impatient and didn’t want to wait 8 hours for a surprise. The name magpie originated because it is rumored magpies are drawn to shiny objects.

AKPV: Tell us a little bit about you!

MPB: I am perpetually entrepreneurial and can’t sit still. I like animals more than people and secretly I am a mermaid!

AKPV: What does your future hold?

MPB: I would love to grow magpie to the point where I can solely do that, with enough revenue that I can contribute heavily to animal welfare causes, as well as clean water initiatives.

AKPV: Your favourite saying/quote?

MPB: Everything is temporary. I use this to remind myself that if something isn’t going well, it won’t be like that forever, as well as when things are going well that if I don’t keep working hard, the momentum won’t last either.

For more information check out their website and follow on Facebook at Magpie Bath.

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