Vendor Spotlight ~ Sydenham Ridge Estates

Vendor Spotlight ~ Sydenham Ridge Estates

One of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding is your venue. This is the location that will hold all of the special memories of your wedding day. But did you know that were are some gorgeous locations right around Strathroy? We chatted with Nikki Carradine, the Vendor & Event Coordinator at Sydenham Ridge Estates about everything a couple needs to know when searching for the perfect wedding venue and what makes Sydenham Ridge so special for weddings.

AKPV: Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do.

Nikki Carradine: Sydenham Ridge Estates is a barn venue just outside of Strathroy, in Kerwood. We host weddings, special events, retreats, and getaways. Sydenham Ridge is the brain child of Marge, who started in this industry as a decorator and florist, so we are also so lucky to be able to also offer event décor and florals as well. We’ve just started hosting floral workshops, which have been a huge hit. They are like paint nights, but with flowers!!

AKPV: How long have you been in business?

Nikki: We are about to start our 3rd wedding season, but Marge has been decorating and doing flowers for weddings for 15 years.

AKPV: What is your main goal when working with wedding couples?

Nikki: Our goal is really to make sure that whatever their vision is for their day comes to fruition. Every couple has their perfect, unique wedding in their minds, and it’s our goal to help make sure their wedding turns out as close to that dream as possible.

AKPV: What sort of things will help couples feel prepared before meeting with you?

Nikki: There’s a list on Pinterest along the lines of “40 Questions to ask your venue” and more often then not, when we do a tour, someone pulls it out and asks those questions. That being said, some of them don’t pertain to a barn venue, some of them are obvious or answered on our website, but going through those questions or making a list of your own is helpful. They might be answered during the tour, but we are happy to, and genuinely enjoy answering any that aren’t!

AKPV: What is your favourite thing about working with your clients? Any favourite moments?

Nikki: If you follow us on social media, you probably know how much we love love around these parts. My favourite part of working with our clients is hearing their love stories. There is also a huge difference between the couple that comes in for a tour and the couple who leaves after their wedding and being a witness to their love growing is beautiful. Some of my favourite moments are those that come out of the hiccups that most weddings face. One of our first weddings was rained out and a last minute decision was made to have the wedding in the barn, as opposed to at the oak tree. As the ceremony started, the sun came out and shone through the gaps in the barn board and it was the most stunning setting. There stood this beautiful couple, surrounded by so much love, and the sun peeking through created this halo around them.  We use the pictures from that wedding a lot, and as stunning as they are, nothing can compare to the atmosphere in the barn that day.

AKPV: What key things should couples look at when searching for a wedding venue?

Nikki: I think it’s important to have the vision of your day before you pick a venue. For example, our barn will never look like a ballroom no matter how hard we try!  Making sure that your venue will only support the feel you want for your day and not fight it is key.sydenham ridge estatesAKPV: What is something that sets you apart from other wedding venues?

Nikki: We are so lucky to be situated on some really beautiful grounds. The trees, the pond, all of it comes together to make something really special. Also, we have built our wedding packages so that our couples have the luxury of staying on site, giving them and their families the time to sit back and enjoy their experience and not feel so rushed.

AKPV: What are the pros of having every part of a wedding day at one location, do you prefer that with couples?

Nikki: I think like I mentioned above. Having it all together not only is logistically a lot easier for guests. It really allows the bride, groom and families to relax and take in all the special moments of the day and not be worried about where they have to go next.

AKPV: Do you have a favourite location on site for couple's to get photos done?

Nikki: Is “all of them” an ok answer? We have so many cool little spots. The covered bridge, by the pond or even in the pine forest. With 50 acres, its so hard to pick just one favourite!

It is always a pleasure to work with and at Sydenham Ridge, as the people are so kind and the grounds are absolutely stunning! You can find Sydenham Ridge Estates at their website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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