Welcome to the Mom Club!

Welcome to the Mom Club!

We are happy to announce our newest program that pairs with our newborn sessions: The Mom Club!

Becoming a mom, whether it's for the first time for the fifth, is not a small job. That's why we wanted to take steps into order to help make the transition into motherhood as comfortable as possible. It's impossible to know and have everything right off the bat, which is why we have teamed up with various local vendors to put together gift bags full of items that will help benefit both mom and baby. The gift bags are filled with samples from local vendors and give the opportunity for new parents to try out products that they might be missing or were unaware of.

When you book a newborn session with Amanda Kopcic Photography you are automatically part of the Mom Club. The gift bags are given at the time of the session for parents to enjoy afterwards. All of the vendor information will be included so that you can easily access more of the products you enjoy! Be sure to join our Facebook group “The Mom Club - Southwestern Ontario – AKPV” to connect with the various vendors to get deals, up-to-date product information and chat with other local moms.


Get in touch! If you or someone you know is expecting, contact us today for a quote on our newborn packages and learn how you can be a member of the Mom Club! Why do we love newborn sessions? Find out here!

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