Creative Sessions ~ Mermaid

Creative Sessions ~ Mermaid

A big part of our job is capturing real life moments in a frame so that they last a life time, and we absolutely love that part of what we do. But there are times that we need to create images because we want to, simply for the fun of it.

And what is more fun than having a classic childhood dream come true? The fun of dressing up, getting a make over, and playing pretend should never get old. Turning a dream into reality is something so magical and we got the chance to make that happen.

Sure, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into creating this final image, but it is so worth it to have this magical memory! From an idea, to collaborating with costume designers and make up artists, to taking the shots and finally to editing the images, it is all to bring a spectacular fairy tale to life!

Take a look behind the scenes of these Mermaid Sessions:

Make-Up: Olivia Eva Alexis Wurfel

Mermaid Set: Artistry In Motion


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