Wedding Videography – Is it for you?

Wedding Videography – Is it for you?

Planning a wedding is no easy task. You have a long list of decisions to make, items to purchase, and vendors to book. When it comes to vendors, there are some must-haves and then there are some not-so-sures.

Often times, a videographer will fall into that not-so-sure category. Some people know right away that they want video, some people know for sure they don't. This post is for those of you that are on the fence about hiring a videographer for your wedding day.


So, what are some of the pros to having a professional videographer capture your wedding day?

First things first, what better way to remember this important milestone? You have most likely already checked photographer off your list and those images will be amazing and something you cherish for life. A videographer offers a different way of looking back on your wedding day. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider a videographer for your wedding. 


  • The Day Will Fly By

Every couple will tell you the same thing; your wedding day is going to go by fast! Getting ready with your best friends and family, the words you spoke to each other, the smiles and laughs you shared on the dance floor. These are all the things that will make your perfect day what it is, and those are the things you want to remember. Still images simply can't capture it all.

  • Capture Quality

Sure, everyone on your guest list has a smartphone. But when it comes to capturing the special moments from your wedding day, you don't want a shaky cellphone recording. You want a high quality image and professionally recorded sound.

Having a professional videographer ensures that you have the quality your hard planned, special day deserves. You will have every moment captured, edited and perfected so that you can hold into it for life. 

  • Family

Not only will a wedding video hold memories of your special day, but it will hold memories of you and your family forever. Your parents walking you down the aisle, your brother or sister standing by your side, your niece or nephew running around the dance floor, or your grandparents hugging you when it's all over. These are the memories you want to hold onto. These are the memories that you will want to re-watch and re-live.


Still feeling unsure? Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding video. We would be happy to talk more about the process, the experience, and the final product. Until then, have a look at some sample videos from past couples or find more videos on our website


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